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A space to work

Australia Day

Away again

Bangladesh - now hear this

China - then and now

City life

Ephemera - Harvey's Return

Europe - Albania and Montenegro (Mr Business, multiple entry)

Europe - buried treasure and back on the left

Europe - Croatia

Europe - Expresso Italiano, Perfecto!

Europe - London and Madrid

Europe - new rubber and cork

Europe - Oh sweet Ronda, enchantress of Andalucia

Europe - Portugal

Europe - Spain


India - cultural cornucopia

India - grace and hope

India - Kolkata

India - Kolkata hive of industry

India - vacancy at the unconditional love hotel

India - what is it about India?

Motorcycles - Dudley the Ducati

Motorcycles - Machismo Testosteroni

Motorcycles - tidying up after Machismo

Motorcycles - the anonymous optimist

Motorcycles - Steeple Bumpstead and how to tour Europe by motorcycle

Motorcycles - European adventures

The Murray mouth

New Zealand - Glacier Highway

New Zealand - Pacific Coast Highway

New Zealand - searching for Dida

New Zealand - where do all the tractors go?

New Zealand - sauvignon plonk

New Zealand - Southland

New Zealand - tourism and taxes

New Zealand - Wal Footrot rides Royal Enfield

New Zealand - the wild west

New Zealand - you can bury me in Whanganui

Old and beautiful

Paris and the movies1

Paris and the movies 2

Paris and the movies 3

The periwinkle garden

Photography - black and white

Photography - dreamboat, one scene many pictures

Photography - patience and the moon

The periwinkle garden


Social media

Tree of the year?

Trees - a matter of perspective

Trees - the ancient olive of Acharavi

Trees - boob rain

Trees - confidants

Trees - Ginko gold

Trees - the great banyan of Kolkata

Trees - jacaranda reminds me of home

Trees - January's art

Trees - January's art 2

Trees - the plane trees of Trsteno

Trees - redgum road

Trees - the skull cap

Trees - a silk scarf

Trees - Tane Mahuta

Trees - winter and the psychadelic forest

Where's the wheel brace?

Wildlife - big red's harem

Wildlife - cockatoo chaos

Wildlife - hold a dragonfly in your hands

Wildlife - homecoming

Wildlife - the bird who's beak leans to the right

Wildlife - the piper at the gates of dawn

Wildlife - Rock parrots

Wildlife - the sooty beetle catcher

Wildlife - trembling red knees at Robe

Wine country - the pickers hut

Wine_Country-2272 - Coonawarra
Unconditional Love Hotel
The horsemen of Seville