IMGP8996 - The Kissing Tree, Murray Street Perth

Love and lust under the Kissing Tree

19 March 2020

It's hard to imagine anything more wonderful than a "Kissing Tree", especially during the present viral pandemic. This glorious Moreton Bay Fig tree planted in the 1890's stands today at the top end of Perth's Murray Street. Its great branches span across the road and provide an arbour above the cars, trucks, buses and fire engines which travel up the street.

IMGP5872 - The Kissing Tree, Murray Street Perth

In 2015 the local council installed some "birdcage" swings on some of the branches. This was partly in recognition of a time when nurses and their suitors lingered under the tree before the nurses snuck back into their accommodation behind the fence at Kirkman House. No doubt young gentleman also waited patiently under the tree for the objects of their desire to emerge from behind locked doors.

IMGP5874 - The Kissing Tree, Murray Street Perth
IMGP5869 - The Kissing Tree, Murray Street Perth

Note the "love birds" on top of these cages of love and lust.

I imagine if these cages had been in place sixty years ago they would have been very popular! Today they are mostly unoccupied. If you get a chance have a swing, and if you're lucky you may even able to steal a kiss!

IMGP5873 - The Kissing Tree, Murray Street Perth

Good luck everyone and don't forget breathe and enjoy the trees around you, wherever you are.

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