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  • Chestnut Avenue - Early spring is a wonderful time in Europe, especially in the le Perche region of France.
  • The harbour Korcula - The island of KorĨula in Croatia is the home of my forebears. It has a lovely protected harbour.
  • 57424064
  • IMGP3059 - Jacaranda, Jacaranda
  • Wine_Country-2272 - Coonawarra
  • The arrangement
  • Autumns reward - Results of an autumn foray to Mount Lofty Botanic Garden in the Adelaide hills.
  • Ginko gold - Ginko biloba trees are notoriously slow growing, but in autumn the trees become resplendent in a beautiful gold frock, and if the leaf police...
  • Tammar wallabies
  • Morning coffee, Burgos - Burgos
  • IMGP2286 - Kolkata Botanic Garden, Banyan tree
  • Dubrovnik - The old town of Dubrovnik is like a little cameo of a world gone by, welcoming and restful.
  • Ancient beech of Savernake - The Royal reserves provided a safe haven for much of the ancient English forests and woodlands that persist today. It was...
  • The horsemen of Seville
  • Elms of honour - Most of the elms in Europe were wiped out by Dutch elm disease. Fortunately Australian trees have mostly been spared this fate and we...
  • IMGP1150
  • IMGP9713
  • Good morning sunshine - Early morning usually provides the best light for bird photography and this morning was certainly no exception.
  • IMGP9465
  • Monterey morning - I took this picture very early one morning when I was in the harbour at Monterey, California, looking for sea otters. It was taken on...
  • The shed - It must be Australia.
  • Dreamboat Racisce - In the harbour of my ancestors.
  • Lif on the Adriatic - The first time I went o Croatia I was amazed at how clean the Adriatic sea was. So much more than I had imagined.
  • January's pallette
  • Cockatoo chaos
  • IMGP9020
  • Mushroom beach - There's not a lot of solace to be found along the Spanish coast, except out of season when the weather is more interesting.
  • IMGP8256 - Wimbledon
  • IMGP8811 - Beja
  • IMGP8480 - Salamanca
  • The Stiltwalkers
  • The Goldfields - Fortunately the tide of progress didn't reach all parts of Australia at the same time. Imagine what we would have lost had it done so.
  • The harbour Agropoli - So cute, and not even in a kitsch town!
  • IMGP1749
  • The lodgers
  • Waiting for the rain - In this part of Australia farmers have historically ploughed their land a few times before sowing their crops. Nowadays the practice...
  • IMGP5273
  • IMGP1381 - Robe
  • IMGP0166
  • IMGP3078 - Jacaranda, Jacaranda
  • IMGP0037
  • Rowboat blue
  • IMGP2238
  • IMGP0123
  • IMGP0028