New Rubber and Cork

19 April 2013

Thanks to Manuel and the team at Triumph Lisboa (on their first day of trading!), the bike got a new set of tyres and we were out of Lisbon only a day later than planned. We didn’t leave Lisbon until almost 3.00 o’clock but very soon were crossing the phenomenal Vasco de Gama Bridge, a17km ride across the Targus River estuary! A beautiful way to say goodbye to lovely Lisbon on what was a warm and sunny afternoon.


Lupins and cork oak in the dehesa


As soon as we could we got off the motorway and to quieter country roads and this took us into the Dehesa country, woodlands of Cork Oak trees, with cattle or sheep grazing below, and at times with wonderful spring flowers in bloom. It was great to see where all the cork came from for all those wine bottles we have been drinking. It turned into a glorious afternoons ride and ended in the little gem that is the old town of Beja. A couple of beers to cool us down and then a walk around this enchanting town as the sun set on the old castle walls. Finally a great day in the countryside!


We meet friendly people everywhere we go in the world!

Almodovar town square, Cordoba


Almodovar town square regulars


Part of 46 km of continuous bends and no-one in sight!


Spring in the dehesa

The riding only got better the next day as we took the N2 between the town of Almodovar and to just near Fargo on the south coast. First there were square miles of olives, then we took our usual morning coffee and pastry, this time in Almodovar where we caught up with a few of the locals in the town square. Like all towns about the place there are storks nesting in every available roof structure, their clacking bills a welcome reminder that spring is here. In addition to more wonderful scenery, the road was just perfect, turn after turn and an excellent surface, and no traffic, needless to say we enjoyed having the curves all to ourselves, and they just went on and on, a bikers dream. The day ended in seaside Taviro in the Algarve, which was very pleasant, even though full of holiday makers from Britain and other northern parts. The weather has definitely warmed up, we’re wishing we’d packed shorts!


Roadside lunch with a view, 600 m up in the Sierra Caldeirao

IMGP8811 - Beja

Moved out, Beja

Thanks to all those who have been helping to try find a name for the bike, we’ve had a few around the blue theme (True Blue, Blue, Blue Boner), plus Pegasus and Sapetoku. I like the idea of fitting a trumpet to the exhaust a la Sapetoku, and in this case maybe “Satchmo” would be a good name?

See you again

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