The horsemen of Seville

Black and White

23 August 2015

One of my challenges in photography is to try and keep focussed on one particular topic or genre, for me that is trees and nature. But having a curious mind and enjoying so much of what I see around me I inevitably aim my mind and my camera elsewhere. So here is a little bit of my foray into the wonderful world of B&W. I hope you enjoy it.

Seville, the capital of Andalucia in Spain is a great place for photography, especially during the April Feria when everyone comes out to celebrate the coming of spring. The ladies dress up in the finest flamenco dresses and the men look charming in their fine suits and hats. Underneath the colour and party atmosphere lies a deep and treasured local culture of which "The horsemen of Seville" are an integral part. You can read more about our time in Andalucia here

Vagabond - Millicent photocomp 2011

The little village of Racisce on the island of Korcula, Croatia is a sleepy, unknown enclave. But is is my ancestral home and an important place for our family to visit. This was taken on one of our trips there. For more photos from Croatia and Korcula check out my earlier blog on this area

Reading the news, Matera
Morning coffee, Burgos - Burgos

A couple of little cameos from daily life in Europe. "Reading the news" is from a very special place called Matera in Italy. A world heritage city, once the province of trogladytes. The cave dwellers were all moved out in the 1970's due to the sewerage system being a series of open drains that ran from house to house, and a lack of other essential services. Slowly the old cave houses are being given some modern conveniences and people are moving back in to this gem of a place. "Morning coffee" is from a less remarkable place, Burgos in Spain. But like all places, while the place may be unremarkable there will be people there living remarkable lives.


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