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25 June 2013

scotland views nice when blue
highland lochs, deer, bluebells
more often thick grey stew
heather, stags, fog, flyfishing
climbing up above the dells
loch ness monster
castles, myths and legends
lakeside pub for a quiet few
malthouse, grist and mash
peat, wooden barrels
Miltonduff, Glen Flagler, Laphroaig , Teaninich
funny whiskey names those
england’s best
where country creeps
into towns and cities
fingers of grass poking through
smell sneaks in, fresh and green
then stinking silage overpowers
motorway madness
too many cars
polite drivers patiently wait
queues start up then disspiate
too many people all packed in
sardines, haddock, chips, black pudding
country pubs, beers, meals
Hollow Bottom, Bishop on the Bridge, Cock and Bottle, Lazy Otter
funny pub names those
Crag Rat, Tom Fool, Cross Buttock, Lakeland Stunner, Joggers Tipple
funny beers those
quaint isn’t it
a good word quaint, not overused yet
quaint villages and quaint shops
unique ambience in country pubs
worth the visit in the wet
small space, shower yoga
crummy summer weather
icecreams don’t melt
narrow roads, passing places
flash your lights
quiet country roads and country pubs
but get in quick before they’re gone
too many people
too many cars
lovely villages, thatch and wood
Upper Dicker, Each End, Netherthong, Nobottom, Cow Roast, Crackpot, Dull , Twatt
funny village names those
footpaths, towpaths and country walks
green, green, green
and yellow
rapeseed, mustard, roast beef
trees whistle in the wind
too many people
too many cars
get in quick before it’s gone

IMGP1483 - Scotland

The loch, Glen Strathfarrer

IMGP1586 - Scotland

Riding the highlands

IMGP1621 - Scotland

Green, green, green

IMGP1634 - Scotland

The country creeps through the town


Funny names those!

IMGP1562 - Scotland

Farmer's spring, Scotland


Ice creams don't melt!

And so ends our journey, 11 weeks, 13,000 km, 14 countries. It has enriched our minds and our hearts and I hope it might have provided some entertainment or enlightenment for you too. It is back to home base shortly but the blog will continue, if you haven’t subscribed please do so.

IMGP1534 - Scotland

Enjoying the view across Dornoch Firth, Scotland

Many thanks to our friends Debbie and Richard, Pete and Pip, and Euan


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