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30 June 2019

As you can see the bike we have bought is red and British, let’s hope red doesn’t equate to embarrassing moments. Our first week on the road has gone relatively smoothly, adjusting once again to a tiny “suitcase” in which we still seem to be able to manage to lose things! We managed a couple of day runs to test out the bike and our luggage packing before we set off for France via the ferry from Poole. A ferry which was rather empty and the sea becalmed so a smoothe sailing for both the bike and us. We stopped overnight in Cherbourg after being released from the ferry.


The red bike tied down for the ferry crossing

A lot of people ask us where we stay on these trips, below is a typical hotel we choose, our room (one of five) has the little window at the top front overlooking the street. Breakfast was on the street below too, as was a beer the evening before!


The weather has been hot, up into the mid thirties. Even in Amsterdam where the locals have taken to swimming in the canals, with the brave young ones jumping in off of the bridges, dodging the tourist boats in doing so!


Picnic lunch by the sea

Before Amsterdam though we took in the Bayeaux Tapestry, which definitely lived up to it’s reputation, an incredible storyboard told in 70m long cross stitch and definitley wortha visit. We then took in the historic port of Honfleur and a trundle along a bit of the Normandy coast through Etretat, Fecamp where there was a lovely kite festival in full swing, and Vuelettes-sur-Mer, before striking inland to Amiens.


Amiens where we enjoyed an evening by the canal

From here we travelled through the Somme, past several war cemetaries from the first World War or the “Great War” as it is also called. We have visited this area before, including the main Australian cemetary at Villers Bretoneux. Much has been written about this and I don’t intend to add to it. However, when you visit one of these cemetaries you cannot be but moved by thoughts of what has gone before you, an unimaginable slaughter of millions of young humans. We shall remember them.


We managed to visit and stay with some friends (Kris and Els and their two children, Cas and Fre) where I was able to give a 10 year old his first motorbike ride, which he seemed to enjoy.


Cas Broos enjoying his first ride on a Superbike

Then on to Amsterdam for a few days. It was so hot when we arrived in Amsterdam we were very tempted to join the local kids swimming in the canals!


More on that extraordinary city real soon.

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