IMGP2286 - Kolkata Botanic Garden, Banyan tree

A reverence for trees - The great banyan of Kolkata

22 December 2014

In countries other than Australia trees are held in high esteem, nurtured, and revered. This one in the botanic gardens in Kolkata, India, is a sheer delight. This single tree is a wonderland of trunks, a place to explore, to get lost, and to marvel in natures treasury. A cool respite from the heat and oppressive humidity of a Kolkata summer, it has been cherished and nursed by generations of gardeners here. Its great boughs are given support, and the aerial roots coaxed down to the ground where they develop into new “trunks”, stepping stones for the ever expanding umbrella which now covers more than 1.5 hectares, and is almost 500m across!

IMGP2290 - Kolkata Botanic Garden, Banyan tree

Some details from the associated signage
Tree: Ficus benghalensis
Age: more than 250 years
Prop roots (“trunks”): more than 3500

Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy your local trees!


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