The Circle of Oaks

15 June 2020

At some point around 1840, or just before, someone planted a ring of some 14 pedunculate or “English” oaks around a spring in the Adelaide hills at what is now known as Gumeracha. A name thought to be derived from Umer-acha, a word used by the local Peramangk Aboriginal peoples who might have been visiting the spring for thousands of years.


The spring was used for Baptisms by the adjacent Salem Baptist Church up until 1899, a few years after the “circle of oaks” were planted, when a minor earthquake was thought to be responsible for the spring drying up. Nevertheless ten of the oaks still appear to thrive some 120 years on.


The trees are a glorius gold colour in winter, especially seen against a blue sky on a crisp morning. In summer the ring of oaks provides a cool lime respite from the baking sun.


Enjoy your trees before they too disappear

Come back soon

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