Combestone tor, wind, the dart and moor

11 August 2019

Above: into the unknown, Combestone farm

On top of a hill sit a great pile of rocks, belligerent, defying gale force winds and driving rain, at least for the moment. A few metres downslope a track winds its way slowly down the hill and onto a little shoulder in the Dart valley. The track terminates at an old farmhouse nestled in a nook, surrounded by massive dry stone walls and wonderful archaic trees with their hooks creeping into any cracks in the ancient farm fences.


Combestone farmhouse

Inside the house we sit, listening to the wind and the rain lashing the yard, knowing that it is mighty fierce up on the tor compared to here in our sheltered position where we sit in the warmth of history and hearth, sipping the occasional wine with our candlelit dinners.


Combestone Tor

Occasionally the sun teases us and we venture out, just out of the house yard before the wind attacks and light racing rain seems so happy to see us again. Luckily we have our motorcycle wet weather gear to walk in, which keeps us dry and warm, for a while at least.


A Dartmoor pony takes a liking to Archie and decides to scratch an itch with him!

The rain comes and goes quickly but is mostly with us for our time here, along with the wind. Trying to be with, and not battle the elements, is one of the treasures that Dartmoor provides. Still it would be nice to be able to ride our motorbikes on these glorious little roads without wrestling the wind and going gingerly around corners on wet narrow roads all of the time.


Thanks for closing the gate behind us Annie!

Dartmoor National Park is a real treat, it's wild, majestic and has many wonderful wonderful woods and trees scattered amongst the ancient stone walls, and a collection of isolated pubs that could keep us occupied here for a whole lot longer.


Thanks so much to (L to R) Richard, Geoff, Sue-Claire, Allan (and Annie) for sharing this wonderland with us, and to Jim and Jacqui for their Dartmoor welcome. Cheers everyone.

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