Trees - now that's an Oak

8 July 2019

Our 2019 motorcycle tour also includes a few detours to see trees, this one, in the little hamlet of Liernu in Belgium, was definitely worth it. This ancient oak of possibly 1000 years is absolutely beautiful. It has two sister oaks, The Chapel Oak of France which we visited in 2009 and another in Switzerland which we are encouraged to visit one day.


Like The Chapel Oak this one has lovely little wooden shingles to protect it from the elements where it has hollowed out, although in the little open hollow at the base there is a shrine.


It has three massive steel poles supporting its great arms which must carry the weight of centuries of history. When you stand by trees such as these you wonder who and what has gone on in the street below over the previous ten centuries.


Well that's all from Belgium from us, we're off to France


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