The arrangement - This is part of a large, unusual rock full of holes for which I spent about 2 hours finding stones just the right size and shape to fill....

Harvey's Return

20 September 2013

Harvey’s Return is a tiny tiny beach lodged between steep cliffs on the north west coast of Kangaroo Island, South Australia. The name of the minuscule landing spot is thought to have been bestowed in 1894 when a sealer named Harvey beached his dinghy there after being unable to land anywhere further west along the coast. The bay itself is only some 50m wide, surrounded by steep cliffs and an amazing assortment of rock formations, both big and small. We camped in the bush at the top of the cliff for a few days and explored the little bay and its surrounds.


The rocks were all quite enchanting and demanded some intimate interaction. My first foray was to find big rocks to fit comfortably into big holes, perhaps inspired a little by the environmental artist Richard Long ( I then discovered a large rock, peculiarly full of odd shaped holes. This set me off on a very long search for appropriate inhabitants, which took about an hour and half or two hours, but I got there in the end. After I had taken a few photos of my “The arrangement” in good light, I removed all these stones and returned them back among the populous.


“Home for the holidays” followed, another satisfying day at the beach where I could follow my proclivities, undisturbed by visitors.

Home for the holidays

“The lodgers”, “The arrangement” and “Home for the holidays” all make stunning high quality framed prints.

The lodgers

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