New Rubber and Cork

Thanks to Manuel and the team at Triumph Lisboa (on their first day of trading!), the bike got a new set of tyres and we were out of Lisbon only a day later than planned. We didn’t leave Lisbon until almost 3.00 o’clock but very soon were crossing the phenomenal...

19 April 2013
IMGP8525 - Porto


It’s all happening so fast it is hard to keep up! We had a great ride out from Madrid across to the wonderful University City of Salamanca over a high plateau and some quiet roads with great sweeping bends. It was a little cool but it was dry so we were able...

15 April 2013
IMGP8256 - Wimbledon

100% Waterproof

Enjoying a chilly London over EasterWaiting to unload at Santander, we were virtuallly last off, and then into the rainWe had a few days to kill over Easter while we waited on tenterhooks, it gave us a couple of days to spend with family before our uncertain...

7 April 2013

The Anonymous Optimist

That's our bike up there, waiting for us over the winter.It’s pretty cold here, the temperature hasn’t been above 5 degrees yet. On our first day we opted to do some shopping for extra thermal underwear, better winter gloves for riding and a few other bits...

31 March 2013

Away Again

Well we’re off on another European motorcycle odyssey so stay tuned for updates on where we are. Our plan is to ferry from the UK to Spain straight after Easter. There we’ll spend a month riding around, and then ferry across to Italy, ride across Italy in...

26 March 2013

Steeple Bumpstead and how to tour Europe by motorcycle

England has many strangely named villages, Giggleswick, Updown, Each End, Cow Roast, Crackpot, Netherthong, Nobottom, Dull andTwatt, just to name a tiny few. Steeple Bumpstead is just another, but it is significant because it is where we purchased a motorcycle...

23 March 2013

Dreamboat, one scene, many pictures

Every now and again a photographer encounters one of those magic situations when it all comes together, or maybe it is planned, like this one. Killing time in Bari (Italy) waiting a couple of days for a ferry to Croatia, we’d spent quite some time around the...

24 February 2013