The Mentor of Mambray Creek

This gentle giant of a redgum tree stands earnestly in the middle of the campground at Mambray Creek in the southern Flinders Ranges of South Australia. It reaches up cathedral like, open to the sky on a series of broad flat pillars. The size of this giant...

18 November 2019

The Mail Bag tree

This venerable brown stringybark (Eucalyptus baxteri) tree was once the local post office!When diggers were working the Blackwood Gully goldfield in the 1880's in South Australia, the mail to and from the prospectors was left in a bag hanging on a hook on...

31 October 2019

Fleeting moments

The sun perked up as we crossed the Tay Road Bridge in DundeeThe weather hasn't been too kind over the past month, actually it's been pretty drizzerable with rain falling everywhere we have been every day. The few exceptions being a couple of days on the Isle...

6 September 2019

The words unsaid

The master, John McGuinness on the run down Bray Hill.Our trip was organised to coincide with the Isle of Man Classic TT, on the world's most famous motor racing circuit. On the first day of racing we took our spectator point from advice given in the race...

3 September 2019

Combestone tor, wind, the dart and moor

Above: into the unknown, Combestone farmOn top of a hill sit a great pile of rocks, belligerent, defying gale force winds and driving rain, at least for the moment. A few metres downslope a track winds its way slowly down the hill and onto a little shoulder...

11 August 2019

The last postcards from Spain

Serendipity strikes again.Zaragoza, always good to seek out the town belltower for a good perspective.Freedom of expression, Zaragoza.The stone houses of Aragon, Ainsa.It's a new baby!The future is hereWell that's it from Spain, we're off to catch the ferry...

3 August 2019

Opening Andorra's Box

A view in the French Pyrenees, flipping from Spain to Andorra to France and back to Spain happens quickly with a twist of the wrist.The record breaking summer heat of 35-40 degrees C has curtailed our riding somewhat and kept up the afternoon siestas. After...

27 July 2019

A Daliance in Catalunya

We left Narbonne and headed south along the foothills of the Pyrenees, the wind was atrocious, blowing a gale one second then stopping then blowing again and swirling around . Even though we weigh just over 400kg on the road, we were being tossed about like...

22 July 2019

A photo essay from Narbonne

We have had a few days in Narbonne and liked it a lot, seems like a nice place to live.Well that's all from France, the Pyrenees are beckoning.

19 July 2019

Rich pickings in the Cevennes

We've enjoyed a fabulous few days in the Cevennes region of southern France. Situated on the Massif Central the region is a wilderness area of mountains, plateaus, deep river gorges, ancient hilltop villages and wonderful wildlife. Needless to say it has extraordinarily...

15 July 2019