NZ - We made it to Southland

The south has a lot of charm with swathes of coast and lovely long bays, wildlife a plenty and a long long history of settlement, whaling, fishing and farming.

11 February 2018

Visit New Zealand - It's free!

Tourism here seems to be mostly about the natural world, the scenery. Mountains, rivers, lakes, caves and glaciers. And it’s also about what you can do with all those topographic and geographic features, climb up them, jump off them, dive into them, walk across...

6 February 2018

NZ - Riding the Glacier Highway

It was then a scenic and fun run down to Haast, through Bruce Bay and Knights Point. As there were still a couple of hours light left after dinner we decided to take a ride down the coast to Jackson Bay. It was a fast (flat and straight) run but the scenery...

5 February 2018

NZ - On to the wild west

From here it is a short hop up the coast to the most fabulous campsite ever at “Gentle Annie”. Wekas potter about the campground, seemingly at ease with all the happy campers, and happy and content they are. Everyone has a happy sigh on their face, you can’t...

3 February 2018

NZ - Wal Footrot rides Royal Enfield

From what I’ve seen New Zealand appears divided between tourism , dairying, government and forestry. The juxtaposition of tourism and dairying is very evident in the small rural towns where the locals go about their business in gumboots and four wheel motorbikes,...

1 February 2018

Sauvingnon Plonk

When in Rome, or Marlborough, as the case may be, one should drink the local wine. So it was that we found ourselves in the Marlborough region of New Zealand’s South Island. Fortuitously our lovely hosts lent us a very cool Triumph Herald and our very cool...

30 January 2018

NZ - Riding the PC Highway

NapierAfter leaving the Coromandel Peninsula we have had quite some adventures. We took the legendary Pacific Coast Highway which works its way around the eastern shoulder of the North Island, from Opotiki around to Te Araroa and then down to Gisborne and...

28 January 2018

Meet Dudley, the chick magnet

Tom from Napier telling us all about the Manx NortonOn our previous motorcycle adventures we have had the pleasure of riding with “SB” (Steeple Bumpstead) on our first tour of Europe in 2009, and “Howard” on our 2013 tour. Names for our bikes don’t happen...

22 January 2018

NZ - where do all the tractors go?

We managed to escape after the Auckland floods and rain, for a moment It looked like Noah’s Ark might wash ashore as well. The weather delayed us by one day after which we headed east to the Coromandel Peninsula, up the east coast road because the direct west...

15 January 2018

NZ - searching for Dida

I never knew my father’s father, I think he died before I was born. I do remember my grandmother though, visiting her once in the Blind Home in Victoria Park where she lived for the last part of her life. My grandfather (Dida) left the Island of Korčula in...

4 January 2018