NZ - you can bury me in Whanganui!

But why would you want to bury me in Whangaui? I imagine Whanganui is perhaps not on the list for many Kiwi’s as a place to visit, let alone a desirable resting place. It does however have many similarities with our home town of Gawler in South Australia,...

26 December 2017

A reverence for trees - Redgum Road

Although River Redgum trees are known as icons of Australia, their almost ubiquitous distribution and ever presence means that they are not always appreciated. This is especially the case on roadsides where they are all too often hit by erratic car drivers...

26 October 2017

China - then and now

I have just returned from China, my twenty something visit. It is eight years since I was last there and the changes were staggering. The development of infrastructure and the people has been amazing. It made me think about what it was like when i first visited...

25 July 2017
PB220101 - Beauvais

A reverence for trees - Confidants

Why is it that seats are so often put by or under trees? The benefits are more than just shade, trees can also be companions to confide in, their ever present nature means that they have a wealth of experience and can give good advice, and they are great listeners....

31 May 2017

A space to work

A photographer is someone who takes photographs. Everyone’s a photographer, especially in today’s smartphone universe. The number of images available on the net at the touch of an icon will soon be measured in light years instead of illions, or perhaps not...

10 March 2017

Boob Rain

Lat night was the first rain of the little flower caps from the river redgum trees opposite our house. When I got up this morning the footpath was covered in these tiny cups that had synchronously leapt like a million lemmings from the great gum trees above....

24 December 2016
IMGP8326 - Goolwa, Murray mouth

The Murray Mouth

Cockles, Murray River mouth, Goolwa   we went to sea the Murray mouth it was shut tight the mouth was closed they should leave the water in otherwise the future of the Murray mouth is grim  

29 October 2016

Kolkata - Hive of industry

I guess the term hive of industry originated from observations of bees but it could equally be applied to Kolkata’s Barabazar or Mullik Ghat flower market. Barabazar, Asia’s largest wholesale market, is absolutely extraordinary, chock full of traders, taxis...

28 August 2016

Two moments in time

Australia has a treasure trove of lovely parrots, but many are not seen or recognised by Joe Public. The diminutive Rock Parrot is one such jewel. Found only along the cost in the south-west of Western Australia and on the central and west coast of South Australia...

1 July 2016

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Sometimes I wish I could write songs like some of my musical heroes, people like Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon and Mark Knoffler. Alas musical tone was something that I missed out on. Sometimes their song lines come to me when I am...

16 June 2016