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The great mechanical auk stirred from its roost and ambled across to the end of the spit which jutted out into the ocean below Sydney. It had a little stretch and a sigh, then a gulp, before finally committing to leave for warmer climes. It lumbered straight...

24 May 2014

A Reverence for Trees - The ancient olive of Acharavi

Trees are one of the great joys of my life but I know most people don’t give them a second look. I must confess that I do get upset when majestic trees are cut down. Why? Because their great presence and wisdom cannot easily be replaced, and also because it...

4 May 2014

Trembling red knees at Robe

Just back from a week down south on the coast at lovely Robe. I managed to get some time chasing birds, mostly wading birds, around the Outlet Lakes on the edge of town. It’s a great spot to watch birds and there is a huge variety there, especially at this...

13 March 2014
The Stiltwalkers

The bird whose beak leans to the right!

I only had a couple of very short windows of opportunity to find the Wrybill, one in the morning and one the following afternoon. The bird is only found in New Zealand where it favours pebbled riverbeds which split into multiple channels, so-called braided...

13 February 2014
January's pallette

January's art

Surprisingly mid-summer is a time of flourish in Australian forests and woodlands. Many of the gum trees are flowering, providing nectar and food for a myriad of parrots. The little Musk Lorikeets in our street dart about the place in family groups like MIG...

3 January 2014
Rainbowbird - There were some 30-40 rainbowbirds on this fenceline, all waiting for dragonflies to make the crossing over the flodplain.

Hold a dragonfly in your hands

A small squadron takes off on another sortie, flashing jewels of copper, bronze and corrode. Moments later, mission accomplished, and they return to the bath queue, the successful pilot proudly parading the spoils to the radiant throng. Paper wings flitter...

22 November 2013
Unconditional Love Hotel

Vacancy at the Unconditional Love Hotel

The road is apalling, trucks, cars, buses and motorcycles all vie for the little scraps of road that are not otherwise ruts, dips, humps or potholes, whichever side of the road they are on. We pull off for some welcome respite at the “Uncondition(al) Love...

2 November 2013
The arrangement - This is part of a large, unusual rock full of holes for which I spent about 2 hours finding stones just the right size and shape to fill....

Harvey's Return

Harvey’s Return is a tiny tiny beach lodged between steep cliffs on the north west coast of Kangaroo Island, South Australia. The name of the minuscule landing spot is thought to have been bestowed in 1894 when a sealer named Harvey beached his dinghy there...

20 September 2013

Patience and the moon

A friend asked me the other day about my photography, whether I just took photos of anything that came along, or whether I planned photos ahead. The answer is that they are generally planned well ahead, sometimes years, may years. I have ideas in my head for...

25 August 2013


After three months on the road you might think I would want to go home, but I was happy to keep going, enjoying the European countryside and riding the motorcycle. However, work beckoned. Still it is good to get home to see family, and to reconnect with my...

24 July 2013