Where's the wheelbrace?

Last week I headed off for a day trip to do chase birds with my camera in an area I have been to many times before. After lunch I decided to head a little further away, to another nature reserve that I had not previously visited. I headed on out to station...

21 June 2015
IMGP0384 - Diwali cattle

India - Cultural cornucopia

It’s remarkable that India manages to be one country. With so many different peoples, traditions, religions and languages it’s a wonder it all hangs together. But hang together it does with more than 20 recognised official languages. Hindi, the most widely...

11 May 2015

India - Grace and hope

Somehow through all the chaos, dust and squalor the women manage to remain pristine and so gorgeously colourful, wherever they are and whatever they are doing. Seeing them in their beautiful saris gliding across the rural landscape is a delight. The whole...

6 May 2015
IMGP0143 - Morning kickstart in Kolkata

India - Kolkata

Kolkata is a cornucopia of the last 200 years, a bustling milieu where the 19th Century sits comfortably with the 21st Century. A world wide web of little yellow diesel taxis chug about moving global entrepreneurs or street traders with equal aplomb. Ancient...

2 May 2015

What is it about India?

India is possibly the most remarkable country I have ever visited. What is it about it that gets under your skin? It might be the sea of humanity that constantly parades before you, those millions of personal journeys unfolding right before your eyes. Or perhaps...

29 April 2015
Cockatoo chaos

Cockatoo chaos

It is that time of the year again, late summer, when the white cockatoos flocculate into a great seething mass of mayhem, bringing calamity to our neighbourhood. The corellas are here all year round but it is in the summer, after breeding, when then they get...

24 March 2015
IMGP2286 - Kolkata Botanic Garden, Banyan tree

A reverence for trees - The great banyan of Kolkata

In countries other than Australia trees are held in high esteem, nurtured, and revered. This one in the botanic gardens in Kolkata, India, is a sheer delight. This single tree is a wonderland of trunks, a place to explore, to get lost, and to marvel in natures...

22 December 2014
IMGP3059 - Jacaranda, Jacaranda

Jacaranda - reminds me of home

Late spring in Australia brings the purple haze to brighten up our cities and towns. The Jacaranda trees are a feature of much of urban Australia in the late spring and early summer, all the way from Perth in the south-west corner, through Adelaide, Melbourne,...

24 November 2014

Big red's harem

I’ve just been out chasing one of the more elusive kangaroos, the Yellow-footed rock wallaby, one of Australia’s threatened species, found only in some outback areas of South Australia and New South Wales. The Yellow-footed’s are rather reclusive, favouring...

20 October 2014

Old and Beautiful

I may be old but with age comes great wisdom and enduring beauty

9 September 2014