Unconditional Love Hotel

Vacancy at the Unconditional Love Hotel

The road is apalling, trucks, cars, buses and motorcycles all vie for the little scraps of road that are not otherwise ruts, dips, humps or potholes, whichever side of the road they are on. We pull off for some welcome respite at the “Uncondition(al) Love...

2 November 2013
The arrangement - This is part of a large, unusual rock full of holes for which I spent about 2 hours finding stones just the right size and shape to fill....

Harvey's Return

Harvey’s Return is a tiny tiny beach lodged between steep cliffs on the north west coast of Kangaroo Island, South Australia. The name of the minuscule landing spot is thought to have been bestowed in 1894 when a sealer named Harvey beached his dinghy there...

20 September 2013

Patience and the moon

A friend asked me the other day about my photography, whether I just took photos of anything that came along, or whether I planned photos ahead. The answer is that they are generally planned well ahead, sometimes years, may years. I have ideas in my head for...

25 August 2013


After three months on the road you might think I would want to go home, but I was happy to keep going, enjoying the European countryside and riding the motorcycle. However, work beckoned. Still it is good to get home to see family, and to reconnect with my...

24 July 2013
IMGP7950 - Tas_2012

Tidying up after Machismo

As you may have gleaned Testosteroni can be a bit economical with accuracy and before I was able to verify any of the above, Machismo disappeared, shouting something about a date with a fast women in an Audi.Anyway thanks to Machismo for his interesting report...

14 July 2013

Guest blogger - Machismo Testosteroni

While taking a break for a few days I lent the bike to my good Italian friend Machismo Testosteroni and asked him for an independent appraisal of our mount for this European trip. He has finally sent in his report…but be warned, he is not one for political...

12 July 2013

The bloggers notebook, SCT & ENG

scotland views nice when bluehighland lochs, deer, bluebellsmore often thick grey stewheather, stags, fog, flyfishingclimbing up above the dellsloch ness monstercastles, myths and legendslakeside pub for a quiet fewmalthouse, grist and mashpeat, wooden barrelsMiltonduff,...

25 June 2013

Buried treasure, and back on the left

Site of our penultimate continental coffee somewhere in France.Since my last post we have been to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium. Today we returned to the UK from Calais via the excellent Euro-Tunnel train, in a whole carriage full of bikes....

10 June 2013
IMGP8296 - Burgos

City life

Since my last blog we have traveled from Croatia, through Slovenia to Ljubljana, on to Austria (Vienna and Salzburg) and now, just near Stuttgart (Germany). So far we’ve visited quite a few cities and this has made me think about how cities are different,...

31 May 2013


The coast of Croatia, and indeed the whole Adriatic is quite beautiful, with mountains coming down to the clear turquoise sea. The road snakes its way along the coast for breathtaking views, and as the traffic was light, it made for fun riding. After two nights...

21 May 2013